The Sword of Tsuborath, or commonly known as The Retrium is a forbidden sword that is passed down by the Sukeru family. Normally held inside a case within the royal palace, The Retrium made its way into the hands of the current descendant of the Sukeru family, which he had taken in attempt to turn the tides in The Shadow War. The sword has a range of powers, but had been sealed for ages. Inside the sword lies a spirit of sorts, which was created by the original owner of the sword. Nobody knows the purpose of this sword, or who created it, but it is known among those both good and bad alike as one of the strongest weapons in their universe. The spirit is able to bond with their user and make them stronger, but that only has a couple of advantages. The spirit can take over the user's body in order to fight for them, if they're having trouble in battle. This however is very dangerous, because if the user's bond isn't strong enough, the spirit can take over their body, and if not treated correctly, the host's body will turn to dust. In order for the sword to use its full potential, it draws upon the user's life force. Upon too much use, the user's body will start to break down, and if the usage does not come to a halt, eventually the user will die and turn to dust. The sword itself collects the dust of fallen beings, and uses it as a source of food. Any extra dust that is obtained can be used as a catalyst for magic, and is coated on the blade. When coated on the blade, it can have numerous effects depending on what the will of the user is. If the user's will begs the sword to be ablaze, it will happen. If he wanted it to be coated in electricity, it will happen. There are limitations to what a person's will can do with the sword, as certain things cannot be willed onto the blade. Some examples can be Dark Matter, Vacuums, Black Holes, and so forth.