The Shadow War was a war that was waged by the prophet of Yazerus, Xaldeas. Before the war started, Xaldeas had wanted revenge after the king of Irral had exiled him for falsely accusing him for selling out counsel information and treason. After thinking about his options, he received a message from his god to "embrace your destiny" and "embrace who you are." The message was very vague, but he had eventually came to an understanding of what this meant. Using forbidden power that was taught to him by his departed father, who was also a follower of Yazerus, he created an army of shadow beings, and brought together the other followers of Yazerus to attack and eventually siege all of the kingdoms on Zazhuanth to fulfill their god's ordeal of creating a perfect world. In the process, most castles and villages were torn to the ground, and current rulers, including the father and predecessor to the upcoming ruler of Irral, Leaf, was killed in the process. Most