Not to be confused with Royal Purebloods.

Purebloods are dragons that live on the same planets along with the Draconians. While the Draconians are able to shift into different forms and use magic, purebloods are normal dragons that are only capable of using survival skills and hunting methods that they were born with. What makes them different is the lack of the intellect that the purebloods have. Although they may be smarter than humans, the Draconians outwit them completely. Purebloods also aren't capable of learning human speech, with the exception of certain life forms. Even if you were to attempt to teach a pureblood human speech, it wouldn't be able to learn the whole language, but instead will be able to mimic some of the words, and eventually learn the meaning. While they live alongside Draconians, they help them with hunting, fishing, and other everyday needs. Most Draconians consider them friends or partners, but a select few consider them pets. While some purebloods are okay with being called pets, others find it insulting, and often rebel against those who treat them as lower beings.

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